Success for the Prickly Pear!

I am so excited to hear and see all the positive happenings around our Prickly Pear social media and video campaign. A few months ago, Michelle reached out to Mona to help with reviving the succulents from our wedding. Mona was gracious enough to teach us how to have a bit more of a green thumb. After staying in contact, we came up with a social media and video campaign to help Mona step up her game to reach a larger audience and raise funds for the next phase of her business. We were able to collaborate on two videos. The first was about her passion of helping people in the Disability community. The second video was specifically to raise money to build out a larger space for the Prickly Pear. We are so happy to see her community show up to support her vision of a succulent garden and raise enough to get into a bigger space to do so in the next few months. Mona was recently featured in the Sacramento News & Review for their Best of Sacramento 2018 issue. Thank you for trusting us with your story, Mona.