Jim Geiger Returns Home from Mt. Everest

I didn't get a chance to meet Jim at the SMF airport when he returned from his Mt. Everest trip last night, but News 10 captured the moments well in this news clip.

"No longer was I thinking about the top, no longer was I thinking about the record," Geiger said. "It was about these Sherpa. What to do to honor them. What do we do to respect them."

Jim's trip was cut short when the deadliest avalanche in Everest history took the lives of 16 Sherpa, a class of the Nepalese population who have served the climbing community in their goal to summit the mountain since its first attempts in 1922.

Multiple reports have said that Sherpa aren't covered by life insurance and the Nepali government isn't paying out for the deaths of its middle class.

Though Jim is back, he will continue to ask the question: "What's your Everest?" Right now, mine is a half-marathon.